Saturday, September 15, 2012

My first Job exprience with DAG

Odinaka Kingsley Okoli
As an intern with Development Action Group (DAG), I was working under supervision of Josette Cole the Chief Executive officer at DAG. I began my internship program on 14th, May 2012 with DAG. The internship contract was for three (3) months and came to an end on 14th August, 2012. When I first arrived, it was unclear to me exactly what my duties were going to be. However, with the help of Nokukhanya, and immediate supervisor Helen Macgregor and other colleagues within DAG, I was able to understand what my work involved and to what extend I was responsible for doing it. The following were some of the guide that made my work easier during the public event preparation May 2012. Here are my expectations.

 My duties and responsibilities according contract descriptions
  • Track DAG media engagements
  • Coordinate the printing of DAG letterhead complimentary slip. Business card and annual greeting card as required
  • Assist with the logistical arrangement for public event and engagements
  • Assist with the preparation of promotional material. This includes assisting with the preparation of media release, dissemination of posters and flyers, invitation to organisation.
  • Providing support and assistance to the production of document related to the public event
  • Summarising document of interest to organisation and clients
  • Preparing educational material for workshop
  • Assist in workshops
  • Any other activities requested by the chief Executive officer after consultation with the line manager.
 My work Impact: I did work focused more on preparation of ninth of June public event at Good hope centre which I started with Public event programme Calendar, Consolidating personal database on public event, assisting in decoration of Good hope centre for the public event and, Consolidating email list for DAG stakeholders and target audiences. After the public event I contributed in linking the Communities’ commentary on Public Events and communities charter for public events. Another impact is Marketing Report (PHP) project in Khayelitsha which I have already presented and I believe it did have a lot of positive impact towards the achievement of the overall objective of DAG target audience.
My Observations: During the three months in DAG, I realized that DAG is housing and urban development in various communities and them not much into publicity frequent. I did observe that teamwork played quite a huge role in attaining most of the DAG mandates. It was equally important as the ability to work independent. But the goal must be to find a way to combine it in the right way.
 In conclusion: I have to show both of my supervisors (Josette Cole who was my senior supervisor and Helen Macgregor who was my immediate supervisor) at DAG for the good job. I really appreciate the way I have been guided through this internship programme with DAG, beginning from the opportunity to take the time I needed to refresh and expand my knowledge in several issues concerning community relations and housing development. I thank Daggies for everything I wish them all the best.

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