Thursday, April 21, 2011

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot

Everyone knows that is batter to practice a little before you talk …perfect. When you tell somebody that practice makes perfect it is telling them to practice. Not To give up continue trying their hardest. You may not be perfect but you will be the best you can be. It does not matter if it’s a mathematicians, statistic learner or acting. The more you attempt something the less afraid you are of it and the better you will be, instead of talking a lot.
Talking a lot can cast you because when everyone knows someone like this. Perhaps your good person, but they will hate to see you around because when you coming they believe that you will tell them everything that they don’t want to know about. Someone who talks a lot is extremely difficult to break away from them in conversation with people like this.
Talking a lot will allowed people to read your mind easily and understand your thinking, your secret and your plans but when you practice it allow you gain confident for everything you do as a human being.
It is wiser to practice a little than to talk a lot.

Wedding cake in middle of the road.

Wedding cake in middle of the road is clarification of “Love” which begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop” I once heard true story about Chris and Lita on wedding day in Lagos. When Chris Omen gets engage with Lita Smith after the three month of engagement.
Omen decided to do church wedding with Lita which he has arrange everything the date, invitation card etc.
Since Chris and Lita met each other as fiancées they have not meet them selves as husband and wife because her fiancés claims to be the church women’s fellowships leader.
She requested Chris to follow the church procedure role and regulation in Nigeria Catholic required medical checkup before wedding proceed, both of them went for medical checkup and doctor confirmed the result a day before the wedding day. when he came to collect the result.
Doctor said to Omen congratulation… Omen asks for what? Doctor said your fiancé is 2 month pregnant for you. Omen goes crazy!!!! Because he knows that he hasn’t have any sexual intercourse with Lita… He couldn’t hold the annoyance...
He requested for cancellation of Wedding and the even monogrammed gifts are requested to take back their gifts. All foods, drinks, meats and wedding cake end up in the middle of the road.