Friday, March 11, 2011

About me and what I like.

I have strong sense of my own influence while at the time exhibiting an adventure some spirit and leadership qualities, as for me. I am always deeply interested in philosophy or religion for powerful ideas often attract powerful people and also like established of a social nature is to be defended and served to the fullest.

I came from quite humble backgrounds but I never forget my roots and also value my authority and sharply reasoning mind above all else. I have a kind of wiliness or cunning that is leading me out of the most difficult situation in the respect of my morals.
I like learning to be less possessive by giving up material possessions from time to time will be an important lesson for me to learn. Beware that I am selfish, especially in the name of family, where it passes as filial or parent responsibility.
I enjoy taking myself serious perhaps too much so, I like to laugh at myself from time to time- discover lighter side of life, I am always try to be less judgmental. My weakness I am the kind of human being that like dominant and is impatient on everything that I do. I have quick –tempered and I can’t relax is too impetuous for me. I enjoy arguments and I won’t give up when loosing, I will come across too strong and dislike tears and emotions.
An also always set for some new and enriching experiences in life and exhibits his fearless and brave face towards the realities of life. I am kinds of guy who is energetic and has great entrepreneurial skills. Also very ambitious, hardworking, exciting and plans carefully for the future. I would like to have a partner who would be totally organized. Particular when it comes to planning her future. The best way to get with her is to go according to the plans she has attached out for life.
Extravagance has always been my weakness. I would never resign to the dictate of others, but may be hostile and illogical when dealing with those who fall under my supervision. And be totally enthusiastic about my work and show a great determination to succeed. My ability is progressive and quick to demonstrate my ability to do good work, tends to gain rapid promotion. These are my strengths; I am born leader because I have the charisma and also have dynamic and active compulsive need for change.
I am the kind of person that must correct wrong things and have strong-willed and decisive unemotional, I am not easily too discouraged also independent and self sufficient. My system of learning is hearing and listening, this help me a lot by understand and remember thing I have heard, I store information by the way it sound and I prefer listening over reading and writing.
I like learning by reading out loud because I have to hear it or speak it in order to know it, I probably hum or talk to myself or other if I become bored, sometime peoples think I am not paying attention even though I may be hearing and understand everything being said. I have an easier time understanding spoken direction or instruction than one that are written down. This is all about me and what I like.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not all who wander are lost

The guy, on the verge of panic, finally regains his composure. "So what's the good news?

Once upon a time, when I was a young boy in high school, I was very sick having stomach pains all over digestive system was very painful, I was unable to eat anything accept water, tea and juice nothing else.
On the following day I went to hospital to find out what was the problem, I met the doctor after the consultation tests the doctor told me that I have an Appendix and Hernia at the same time, he told me that I need to be operated to remove them form my stomach.
Since I was born, I haven’t experience any surgery in my life, I was so anxious that I could not control myself I ask the doctor if there’s any possible way that he can give medications instead of removing appendix and Hernia he said that is impossible the only solution is to do the surgery.
All I could think about was that I am going to die after the surgery.
After the consultation with the doctor I went home to tell my parents what happened, they said to me what are you still waiting for; I told them that the doctor wants do to an operation I refused because I thought I will die because I heard that Appendix and Hernia killed somebody on the spot.
Two days later at night at 1:30 AM the stomach pain started again, the pains were worst and uncontrollable, I started shouting the next place I saw myself the next morning in hospital with plasters on my stomach. So guess what? The surgery was successful I realize that not all who wonder are lost!

Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling form the sky is reference to biblical (Exodus 16) this is usually happened in olden days where Israelites were given the riches of material provision in the form of manna. “When Manna falls from heaven and had to be collected early in the day” when people of world are still enjoying the world and walk with the fear of God.
Nowadays, people are living in selfishness, greed, and a number of other sins, poverty, different kinds of diseases, and problems all over the worlds, there is no fear of God because God has given us freewill.
Sadly a lot of times we use that freewill to hurt other people.
We live in a world that basically chooses to ignore God, refuse to ask for His help, and yet are very quick to blame him when things go wrong.
Fish can still fall from sky only when you giving your life over to God. will not stop the suffering, but at least He will carry the burdens for you, and give you peace that passes all understanding.