Monday, September 19, 2011

Corruption thieves –Nigeria

Nigeria, the white elephant of Africa, Nigeria is the 5th largest oil producer in the world, but these billions of dollars must first pass through the pockets of a handful of ex-general, politicians and the so call chiefs. The number one cause of corruption in this country is lawlessness.

There are laws but they are never enforced. This is a country where you can do whatever you like, particularly if you are wealthy, “If a poor man steals, they say he is a poor man; then they jail him or they can stone him to death in the street. But when a rich man steals, they look for grammar to color it.
However, some of our royal fathers are deep in corruption. They take money from government to do projects but will not do it. Another cause of corruption in the country is that Nigerians prefer the short cut to success. Nigeria educational institutions are riddled with corruption. The academicians too cut corners.

What a shame, impoverished status of Nigerians despite wealth of the country. The people in power allow their citizens to live in squalor while they enriched themselves and their families.

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