Saturday, May 7, 2011

Try a cliché

In business communication we came across so many clichés, the clichés are basically on unoriginal ideas or it can be good ideas that have been floating around for a while.In business communication is all about duplicate the same weary business expression or using old ideas that have been compressed into the ground in order to drum up business which is followed :
  • Expression that have become overused
  • Make reading monotonous and can make the writer or speaker seem like a copier.
  • A damaged expression can convey such messages as "you are not special"; I won’t bother to think; the phrases I used in talking with others are surely good enough for you.
  • Using overly strong adjectives and adverbs may damage people’s credibility.
In business environment, No one can be unique on a daily basis but keeping away from office clichés can at least give managers a fighting chance of staying relevant in the workplace and keeping the respect of employees.


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