Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeling follow behaviors

positive mood at work place  
Feelings …play a vital role in influential human behavior. Our behavior in the direction of other persons is determined by our feelings toward them.
For example when you Love someone is a feeling that brings both joy and pain to our heart. Joy from being with someone you love, being filled with an emotion so deep and tender that no other feeling can compare. Pain from knowing that I'm so in love, that I'm more vulnerable than I have ever.
Behavior is something accompany with feeling being able to recognize some one behaviors is very important not only for their health and general well being. But in the another side of humankind,
According to Simmons .B. who said “Feeling Good by Doing Good” a good feeling follow Behavior is a term used to describe discretionary behavior at work where an employee goes above and beyond what’s written in their job description to either help other coworkers or to help the organization to achieve their goals. By understanding this behaviors will help you to recognize if someone is happy, angry, dozy, asleep, in pain, or frightened.

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