Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are afraid of the wrong things

We are afraid of the wrong things… This is one of the majority fears people have. Afraid of failure is personally related to fear of condemnation and fear of rejection. Most successful people overcome their fear of failure. This is fear incapacitate unsuccessful people facing the challenges in our societies today. 

The one of the reasons why we are afraid of rejection is because this is causing us so much difficulty in our minds. We regularly bind rejection to so many other ugly words that cause us more pains that related to Humiliated, insufficient, hopeless, Loser, Not good enough, and isolated.
However, we are afraid of losing what we have. Most especially belonging property or the person we love the most.
The kinds of people or thing that we have are strong feeling towards our life, no matter who they are, what they are… This strong feeling makes us experience their agony. It gives us a calling to rescue them out of trouble. That why we are mostly afraid to lose what we attain.

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Sunday Igboanugo said...

Yes, we are afarid of wrong things...mostly the one you listed in your article- Afraid of be humiliated, called loser, not god enough and afriad of been isolated. Thats great input.