Thursday, February 10, 2011

If i were Boss

If I were boss…I will understand and control the world around me, and I will rational truth that makes sense to everybody. I will use logic as evidence and scientific laws with cause-and-effect arguments to incontrovertibly prove a point.

I will take challenges. By set myself goals, including short- medium- and long-term objectives. I will think about what I want to achieve in life and then plan it step by steps to make sure the challenges I take are attainable.

I will appreciate and sometimes surprising road to happiness through service to others. This will be in a small way, helping people where I can. It may be in a public livelihood such as teaching and it may involve privation and personal sacrifice.

I cannot hide what I experienced for myself. What … I had, what…I know what… I see what...I believe, what ...I do and what...I understand. Through these experiences, I will be accessible by creating sympathy to other peoples around me.

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sunnyblogspot said...

thats a great friend of mine . . . Please, keep it up... you will surely get there.