Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am

I am a Prototype

I owe my being to the hill and the valleys equally adapt at recognizing opportunities for others. When I have an opinion, everyone in their circle is certain to grasp its wisdom.The reason why I said that “I am a prototype” that can be somewhat intimidating to others, including the people I love. From an early age I tended to select like-minded friends.Those doses not fall in love heedlessly.
I always mostly respect whoever that I love and inevitably choose a partner who embodies their concept of integrity and intelligence.

I am the kind of person that will never aspire to something that is beyond my capabilities, but I am always willing to sacrifice a great deal to get where I want to go.I like practical, traditional and organized. Likely to be athletic, I am not interested in theory or abstraction unless I see the practical application. I have clear visions of the way things should be loyal and hard-working.

I like to be in charge, exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities.My goals and expectations are in line with my abilities. I have a realistic approach to making my dreams come true. Failure and setbacks only make them more determined to achieve something toward my future.

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sunnyblogspot said...

Leave by example....because you have alot to offer to the people around you and the World in general.