Monday, September 6, 2010

Long street the heart beat of Cape Town!

By kingsley okoli

Long Street is a beautiful street filled with old buildings and delicate wrought iron railing. The street is located in the city bowl section of Cape Town, South Africa. The famous street offers visitors a view of our Victorian past, and the chance to experience a vibrant street filled with much culture, diversity and a street which changes from a busy business location to a colourful and energy filled street boasting a vibrant nightlife.
Long Street is a lively, elating street, attractive for a leisurely walk where you get to see an array of galleries, books, music, photo and travel shops which keep visitors busy as they stroll along. Visitors may take a break at one of Long Street's many restaurants, cafes and pubs, offering a variety of local and international cuisines and a happening nightlife.
Long Street exhibits a diversified culture and attracts tourists from all over the world, and it is best known for shopping and African crafts from all over the continent as, this is where you can experience the African rich culture of art and crafts. Visitors often enjoy local and ceramic art at the Pan African craft market at 72 to 76 Long street where you can purchase all sources of African crafts.
Long street is an electrifying street as it has selection of activities for all individuals. One can experience popular attractions in Cape Town like the well known Irish restaurant and pub. The Dubliner, the Pan African craft market, African drums training and soulful live jazz at Zula sound bar.
According to Jey-Jey the manager of the Dubliner restaurant “ The Dubliner is heart of the actions in Long street” The popular pub are pleased to offer live music every night with a talented collection of musicians as well as featuring a selection of music such Lucky Dube, hip-pop and pop. During the Fifa World Cup a large number of tourist visited the Dubliner because it is a spacious venue thus it captured the atmosphere of the World Cup as the venue was packed with foreigners and locals as individuals supported their teams.
They have a wide range of local and international beers like Guinness draught , Kilkenny draught ,spirits, notably Guinness and Pilsner Urquell on tap. “our customers can also enjoy Irish and South African treats from the kitchen as. lunch, snacks and dinner are served until late”. According to Jey-Jey
The Pan African market, which is located amongst hustle and bustle of long street is probably the best place to pick up African crafts. It is a total contrast to the upmarket interior of tribal trend in long street which show case an audacious selection of great Africa- inspired designs which include animal skin, ear ring, tribal bags, African printed materials and souveniers. According to Ms Nora Smith, a tourist from Norway in Europe who visited the market whilst on holidays in Cape Town, “The Pan Africa market is the perfect place to buy a gift to give family and friends back home and they will value and enjoy the gift”.
African Drums has a great cultural heritage in Africa. although similar in cultural use and significance to many countries and tribes on the African continent. African Trading Drums is located in long street which offers several different types of drums. According to Mr Manona Amabe from Ghana, the owner of the Africa Trading Drums, “the drums are Africa’s form of entertainment”. Amabe is a drumming teacher who teachers both local and international people from all over the world how to play to drums in Long Street.
The training is every evening for R50. 00 for 1 hour and the training take place between 4:00 pm till 9:00. The busiest days (Friday and Saturday)
Zula sound bar is well known for live jazz and is located at 196 Long Street with live music which feature great talents great South African talents such as , Claire Phillips, Rozzano, Elzahn Rinquest and Captain Stu who entertain clients on a regular basis. Live music is key at Zula Bar as it’s a main attraction for its clients who enjoy live music and performances. From the comedy evenings on Monday nights to the audio sets on Tuesday. According to Warren Johnson a regular customer at Zula sound bar, “this is a great place where I can experience superior music performance, it’s a cool place where anybody who is passionate about live jazz, can enjoy current musicians on the stage”.
The Bar offers every drink under the sun, from Cape wines to local and international beers and a wide range of cocktails is always available for meals that are served all days.
The essence of Long Street's vibrant and unique lifestyle features African murals, quaint old buildings and trendy sidewalk café's. Long street is the heart beat of Cape Town where Capetonians make their way through their daily business. The cafes and restaurants bustle with life and at night, particularly on the weekends, Cape Town bursts into life as Long street electrifies the City of Cape Town.

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