Monday, September 6, 2010

Animal sensations in Cape Town!

By Kingsley okoli

Tygerberg Zoo is Cape Town‘s “number one Zoo and the best in the western Cape province, where one can experience the natural world of chimpanzees and white African lions” said Michael Shofieod the Animal Feeding Manager at the Tygerberg Zoo. It is situated approximately 39 km from the city of Cape Town and is a real treat for the family as one gets to encounter rare animals first hand.
There are different kinds of animals like chimpanzees, leopards and cheetahs at the well known zoo. Tygerberg Zoo comprises of :61 mammal species, 160 bird species and 63 reptile species and one is guaranteed to see camels, giraffes, penguins, tigers, monkeys, lions, numerous antelope, crocodiles, birds, monkeys, baboons and meerkats.
The TygerbergZoo is divided into many different sections to allow the animals to roam around freely thus giving visitors the opportunity to view the animals free and not forced into restricted areas but merely content in their habitat.
‘’ The most energetic animals are the chimpanzees,and monkeys’’ said Mrs Mirran Santos visitor from Austria. The biggest and popular animals at the are zoo are the chimpanzees, as they entertain visitors by communicating with each other with their unique sounds. They are also very social and warm when they interact with each other, they kiss, hug and show much affection and emotion also show nger like human beings. “My favourite animal at the zoo are the White Lions as they are known for their beauty which attract people with their sharp blue eyes and distinct personalities, ” Said Mrs Santos.
Visiting the zoo is definitely worth while as it offers a extraordinary day of entertainment for young children. The children’s farmyard is a favourite attraction for the little ones . Children have an opportunity to touch animals such as goats and tortoises and interact with them one on one. Kids are not only able to interact with specific animals but also learn about animal’s habits, environmental requirements and the importance of the existence of these species on our planet. Children and adults of all ages can experiences and get close to a whole range their of favourite animal. The birds and domestic animals at the zoo attract children as they are able to touch these animals as cages are left open during the warmer months Refreshment are also available to quench ones thirst as you make your way through the zoo.
According Michael shofieod, “The busiest months for the zoo is November to March as it is holiday time as children are on their December breaks. More than 400 000 people visit the Zoo annually making it one of the more popular attractions to visit.
Visitors to South Africa should find the visiting Tygerberg Zoo a very affordable activity. The zoo is an extraordinary place to try out new things and experience the world of animals a with different outlook.
Tygerberg Zoo is the ideal venue to get the family out of the busy city for a few hours as one gets in touch with the beauty of wildlife.

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